Aeco uses its in-house technology to solve recurring problems in the tax and legal sector. This in-house technology constitutes the Aeco expert engine. The Aeco expert engine enables businesses to digitise tax and legal advice to provide a fast, clear and scalable service.


Does your organisation have an internal IT department, but do they lack legal and financial knowledge? Then our Tax API is a perfect fit for you. Use our API to perform optimisations and calculations for a wide variety of different situations.

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Aeco Docs API

Most tax and legal applications require personalised reporting. The Aeco docs API enables developers to easily integrate this functionality into their application. Features include: custom graphs, google docs editor, conditional logic and more. You can try it in our API Playground!

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Form Builder

Many legal problems can be expressed as decision trees. These decision trees are most easily traversed in interactive and conversational forms. Aeco built it's own form library in React to deliver these forms efficiently and fast.

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