Tailor-made applications

The ideal choice if you are you looking for a specific solution you can't find in the market

Create beautiful digital tools to automate your expertise.

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The perfect tax and legal application is a combination of various building blocks

Mobile responsive

Your solution will work on mobile devices to ensure a modern look and feel.

Interactive forms

Automate expertise through interactive forms that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

Document Generation

Create automated documents that are tailored to your organisation.

Data management

Leverage your internal data to create the best customer experience.

Automatic emails

Create personalised and automated communication for your clients.

Tax Technology

Quickly convert any Excel into a modern tax technology application.

Tax and legal industry

Your sector is our focus

We assist law firms and legal departments to embark on a digital journey to the future of legal services. Are you a forward-thinking law firm or legal department with the ambition to grow and make law better? Discover our service offering:

  • We help you determine your strategy.
  • Need help with your digital transformation?
  • Already have an idea? We build your tailor-made Legal Tech solution.

We assist accountancy firms to become future-proof. Do you want to become an innovative and digital accountant? Discover our service offering:

  • We help build an integrated solution that fits your needs.
  • Can't find your way in the digital jungle? We assist in vendor selection.
  • Looking to automate your processes?

We assist insurance brokers and insurance companies to digitise their offering. We can help you to:

  • Automate expertise: Provide interesting insights to your clients using digital tools.
  • Accelerate compliance: Avoid manual copy-pasting and organise your back-office more efficiently.
  • Leverage tax technology: Discover new technologies to optimise the tax situation of your clients.