Ruben Aertgeerts


Dutch, English, French

🚀 I am an entrepreneur with a background in physics.

🎯 My mission is to empower the legal field with analytical and technical knowledge.

❤️ I am passionate about data science, physics and hiking!

Academic background 🎓

  • Catholic University of Leuven (KUL): I have a master degree in physics obtained at the KUL. I also had the opportunity to work on a project at Imec where I developed a strong interest in computer science, data science and programming. Consequently, I decided to  specialise in solid state physics and focus on simulating physical systems.
  • Sorbonne University in Paris: To further develop the skills obtained in Leuven, I studied in Paris as part of the European Erasmus project. Here I focussed on my masterthesis on machine learning algorithms simulating quantum mechanical systems.

Professional experience

I started my professional career as a data scientist at the KUL. It did not take long before I wanted to develop my technical skills into a completely different field: the legal field. Therefore I decided to start a company with my brothers, resulting in AECO!

Building robust models

I see a strong parallel between the "law of physics" and "the law". Both can be converted into a model.

I see a strong parallel between physics and law. In physics we start from the laws of physics and translates them into mathematical models. These models are able to simulate what happens in a variety of different situations.

The same can be done with law. We can start from the legislation and translate those into a model. Once the rules are mapped we can start exploring what happens to individual and legal entities in a variety of different situations.

Responsibilities within Aeco 🚀

I look for ways to improve existing legal services with technical solutions and discover how to implement them.

In order to improve legal services we need to go from idea to implementation via a (technical) solution. I am responsible for developing and implementing the technical solutions.