March 28, 2020

Where should I start my legal innovation journey?

The next decade will bring a new dawn for legal services. The legal industry will (finally) be disrupted to make law better and more accessible.  Even though these evolutions are apparent, most lawyers are not being prepared to become future-proof. The majority of law schools, bar associations and law firms worldwide are slow in adapting to these changing circumstances. In general, law is still being taught and practiced in the same way as 40 years ago.

Disruption is coming to the legal industry and yet, most lawyers are not being prepared to become future-proof.

Three-step approach to embark on a your legal innovation journey

At the same time, multiple initiatives are being set-up by true innovators and early adopters, you just have to find them. If you want to start your legal innovation journey: I suggest the following three steps:

  • 💡 Read and listen: Be curious and look for articles, books and podcasts that will help you better understand current evolutions (I Included some tips below).
  • 🌐Connect and share: Look for the early adopters, connect with them and share experiences. These are the people that will make an impact in the next decade.
  • 🧪Experiment: Try something new like making your own legal tech solution or step away from the billable hour and try a managed legal service. Don’t stop at the awareness part but be part of the change!

Suggested Books and Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a low-input high-output strategy to submerge yourself into the world of legal tech and innovation.