Tax on office spaces

Tax on office spaces

Aeco collaborated with the Flemish government in a Sandbox Vlaanderen project. Together, we created a tool that calculates local taxes on office spaces.

Tool that calculates tax on office spaces

Together with Sandbox Vlaanderen, we created a tool that calculates local taxes on office spaces. Based on a limited number of inputs, companies can quickly calculate the local tax on office buildings. This enables companies to quickly compare the local taxes in different cities.

The current tool is a beta version and was only used to showcase the potential. It is currently not directly linked with legislation. However, the tool was designed to enable automatic links between legislation and the tool. This would enable local governments to change legislation that would automatically be updated in the tool.

📲 Check out the results in the live demo

Companies can now quickly calculate the tax on office buildings in different cities.

Why Aeco collaborates with governments

Collaboration with government is a crucial step for Aeco's further growth and it is great to see that we can use our technology to help improve how society interacts with tax rules.

Furthermore, these types of collaboration are fully inline with our vision to ensure that everyone has access to affordable legal and tax advice.

About Sandbox Vlaanderen

Sandbox Vlaanderen is a safe environment created by the Flemish government to experiment with new products and technologies. The goal is to enable a sustainable innovation culture within the Flemish region through collaboration with start-ups.