Fiscus on web

Fiscus on web

Aeco and Certifisc, built a platform for Belgian tax experts: Fiscus on web. The platform provides easy access to (i) key fiscal numbers, (ii) tax tools and (iii) tax advice.

What is Fiscusonweb?

Fiscus on web is a platform designed by Aeco and Certifisc to assist Belgian tax experts such as accountants. The platform serves as a one-stop-shop and has three building blocks:

  • Key fiscal numbers: An easy and intuitive overview of the key fiscal numbers in Belgium that can easily be searched via a powerful search engine;
  • Tax tools: Digital tools that help a tax expert to quickly make calculations based on the most recent legislation;
  • Tax advice: Overview of various tax advice that can quickly be sent to clients.

See Fiscus on web in action

Key fiscal numbers

Screenshot of the key fiscal numbers interface

Tax Tools

Screenshot of the tax tools interface

Tax advice

Screenshot of the tax advice interface