Change management

Change management

Aeco assisted Timelex, a Belgian based boutique law firm specialised in IT, IP, Privacy and Media with their digital transformation.

How Aeco tackles digital transformation projects

Digital transformation is hard, so how do we help law firms to become future proof? We start small and inspire the lawyers.

In this case we provided two hands-on digital sessions to accelerate legal innovation.

Session one delved into the current state of the legal industry:

  • Where are we now
  • Where are we going
  • How do we get there

Session two helps focus on an action plan:

  • Identify issues
  • Discuss possibilities
  • Select and focus
Innovation always starts with that little spark that can turn into a huge fire.

About Timelex

Timelex is a leading niche law firm specialised in the legal aspects of information technology (IT), privacy & data protection (GDPR), intellectual property, and media & electronic communications. They strive to match law and innovation.

The also advise clients on various issues of general commercial and business law, such as about distribution and franchising networks, commercial agency, unfair competition and market practices, consumer protection, product safety and product liability, general sales and purchase terms and conditions, etc.

Their private-sector clients are multinationals, large companies, SMEs and start-ups, and their public-sector clients include European, federal, regional, local and foreign governments and governmental bodies. They assist them with contracts, advice, court litigation, and legislative and policy-making support.