Belgian Pension Application

Belgian Pension Application

Aeco created a Belgian Pension application as part of a Vlaio R&D project. The goal of the project was to create an application that simulates the optimal pension product for company directors and/or one-man-business owners.

About the project

The pension application simulates the optimal pension product for either a company director or a one-man-business owner.

The application simulates the remaining years the user has to work until their legal retirement age, taking personal variables from the user into account, to generate a personal report for the user.

The Vlaio project enabled us to work on cutting edge technology in order to improve our technology offering.

How it works

  • Step 1: A user completes an online questionnaire
  • Step 2: The questionnaire is formatted and checked on its completeness
  • Step 3: Data is send to the tax api
  • Step 4: Tax API calculations and data are returned
  • Step 5: Data is processed by Aeco Docs technology
  • Step 6: The user receives a personal pdf report with a personalised advice.

Try it out

The application is publicly available and can be tested for free via this link.